Private Pilot Resources

How to get started

1) Book a Discovery Flight with us to see if flying is something you want to do.

2) Find a ground school that fits your personality. We've conveniently provided links to some of our favorites below.

3) Begin booking lessons with one of our fabulous instructors. About three lessons per week is average, but you and your instructor can come up with a personalized plan that best fits your needs and schedule. Training is categorized into three phases; Pre-Solo, Cross Country, and Checkride Prep. Splitting training into categories allows you to track your progress and feel on-the-ball with your training plan the whole way through.

4) You and your instructor will use the Airman Certification Standards (commonly known as the ACS) to prepare you for your practical test which includes an oral exam and flight exam.

Some popular ground school options

Flight Apprentice King Schools

Ground School Sporty's Gleim

A shopping list for when you're ready to dive in

Headsets - We recommend investing in a reliable pair of headsets for your flight training. Afterall, this is how you will communicate with your instructor, passengers, and the world around you. If you want to go big and get the best on the market, we recommend Bose A20 or Lightspeed Zulu 3. However, if you still want good quality but prefer to put that extra money toward lessons, many students love their Lightspeed Sierra headsets for a fraction of the price.

iPad - In today's modern world, an iPad is a bit of a must. Of course we will teach you to navigate via paper charts and VORs, but it is incredibly helpful to begin learning to fly with technology on your side from the beginning rather than trying to teach yourself how to use an iPad in flight after obtaining your license. We recommend a mini because it is compact enough to not be cumbersome or cover your instruments if you choose to use a yoke mount. However, you are welcome to use any size of your liking.

Foreflight - There are many aviation apps on the market but Foreflight is most popular by a landslide because it truly is the best out there.

FAR/AIM - You are welcome to buy a paper copy if you'd like, but you can also download this and many other aviation resources on your Foreflight for free and avoid carrying heavy books.

Logbook - Again, you are welcome to buy a paper copy but if you use Foreflight, you can save your entire logbook on your app and life will be much easier when adding up hours for future ratings, etc.