Hailey Larsen

Hailey is the founder and Chief CFI at On The Ball Aviation. She is an ATP rated CFI, CFII, and tailwheel instructor. Her deepest passion is sharing her love of flight with others and empowering her students to become the best pilots they can be. She loves working through challenges with others and seeing their spark when they break through a difficult barrier. She is experienced in providing instruction in mountain flying as well, with a focus towards safe flight operations and emergency procedures. She has an excellent safety record and reputation for fostering prepared and well-rounded pilots. For all of these reasons and more, she was awarded AOPA’s Distinguished Flight Instructor Award for 2021. Hailey is currently a First Officer with Horizon Airlines and now focuses on specialized training such as tailwheel endorsements and stage checks between airline flights. Come in for a visit and Hailey will surely get you on the ball!

Daniel Riedling

Daniel grew up in Placerville, California and has always had a fascination with airplanes. He achieved his Private Pilot License at his local airport in Placerville and finished his ratings through an accelerated course in Sacramento. He is now a CFI and CFII. His favorite part of being an instructor is finding the different ways each student learns and the joy it brings them when they succeed. He lives for those “aha!” moments when a difficult subject clicks with his student! He is passionate about creating safe, well rounded pilots and is your go-to guy when it comes to truly understanding why the airplane does what it does so you can rock your checkride!  Students rave about how well he explains maneuvers and makes the aerodynamics of aviation easy to understand. Whether it’s on the ground or in the air, you’ll be sure to make huge strides in your aviation journey with Daniel by your side!

Patrick O'Connor

Patrick grew up in Sacramento and has been fascinated by airplanes since his first airshow at the age of seven. After taking a discovery flight at eighteen, he was hooked! Patrick earned his private pilot certificate at the age of twenty. Since then, he has earned his tailwheel endorsement, seaplane, instrument, commercial, flight instructor and flight instructor instrument ratings.  Before becoming a full time instructor, Patrick worked as an airframe and powerplant mechanic apprentice for two years and hopes to earn his A&P certificate in the future. He has flown across the country multiple times, spent a year flying in Alaska and enjoys flying anything from a J-3 Cub to a Pilatus. Patrick loves sharing aviation with others, especially first timers!

Sarah Reese

Sarah “grew up at the airport” flying around California with her dad. She started flying as a hobby to share with him, but loved it so much that she decided to pursue it as a career too. Her goal is to share the passion for aviation with as many others as possible, and hopes to be a Designated Pilot Examiner one day. 

When she is not flying (which is pretty rare), you can probably still find her at an airport either volunteering or learning about aircraft maintenance.